Simple Steps on How to Jump Start a Car

Simple Steps on How to Jump Start a Car

Waking up to a dead or weak battery that can’t start the car isn’t a surprise to motorists. From forgotten lights, old batteries to a malfunctioning alternator, several factors could affect the battery performance. With the right tools, it’s smooth and safe to jump-start a car. Here are car jump-starting tips to help you out when the vehicle fails.

Get the Engine Closer

Park the working car parallel to your stalled vehicle and leave an 18 inches gap between them to prevent short circuit issues. However, if the jump-starting cables are long enough, you may increase the space between the vehicles. For everyone’s safety, ensure the cars are in neutral gears.

Prepare and Attach the Cables

With an insulated cable, connect the positive terminal of the working car before attaching it to your car battery. However, a negative connection should not be made directly to prevent sparking. Instead, connect the negative end from the donor car to a metal part of your car engine. Direct connection of the negative cables may cause sparking or spoil the batteries.

Start the Working Vehicle

Start the working car and let it run for five minutes before starting your disabled vehicle. This will allow smooth energy transfer. Well, if it doesn’t start on your first trial, give it a few minutes and try again.

Remove the Cables

Before disconnecting the donor battery, remove the negative cable from your car. Once the negatives are out, it’s time to disconnect the positive cables using the same procedure. For the battery to recharge, your car should run for at least ten minutes before switching it off. If it doesn’t start on your next trial, you may need to have its alternator checked or get a battery replacement.

Bottom Line

Common battery issues can be identified through regular battery maintenance checks. On each visit to your mechanic for car service, let them have a look at the battery and clean the terminals. Dirty and loose terminals are the major causes of battery failure.


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