Protect Your Sofa From Oil Stains

Protect Your Sofa From Oil Stains

If you are a project car lover- and many people are- you have probably received a ‘keep your oily hands off my couch’ warning. Well, you may argue that your hands are totally clean, but the warnings will keep coming. However, you can end them by gifting your family beautiful, high-quality sofa covers.

Moving away from the boring loose cover, Bemz has a new Ikea sofa cover design that fits your sofa like a second skin. It is so snug that even you would forget that it is there! The covers come in different designs – Erktop, Kivik, Allerum, Ikea Series etc – to fit different sizes of sofas and chaise lounge chairs. Even better, the competitive pricing at Bemz allows you to get several covers, giving you the freedom to give your rooms different looks for different occasions.

At first, your idea of getting sofa covers may be brushed off. Just show them the Bemz website and watch all their doubts fade away. The sofa covers are easy to wash and can be cleaned regularly. Now you come in whistling and carefree after a day at the garage – no fear of warning shouts.

Your sofas will look so good that you will even be tempted to find some tailored for your project car. You cannot be blamed for that – they are just too beautiful to resist. If you decide to go that route, kindly be kind enough to share the results with the rest of the motoring world! All the best in all that.


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