5 Essential Car Care and Maintenance Tips

5 Essential Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Car care and maintenance is critical. Not only does it protect your investment but your safety as well. Below, we have listed five basic car care and maintenance tips. Whether you have a new car or a used one, adhere strictly to these tips.

1. Get a Reliable Insurer

You will agree with us that accidents are inevitable, from the minor scratches to extensive damages. A good insurer will always work to your best interest by offering quality compensation. Genuine parts and guaranteed repairs are very crucial to the maintenance of your car.

2. Be a Gentle Driver

By being gentle, we don’t mean you shouldn’t drive fast. Avoid rough driving practices like revving the engine unnecessarily, hitting the brake pedal too hard, hitting potholes and such malpractices. Braking too hard means more wear and tear on the pads and tires as well. Potholes will wear your suspension faster.

3. Park in the Shade

The scorching sun is detrimental to the exterior of your car and the paintwork. The UV ray’s, on the other hand, damage the interior, especially the dashboard. There are so many options if you don’t have a natural shade. Buy car covers and portable tents to create easy DIY car shades.

4. Wash the Car Regularly

The longer the dirt stays on your car, the more stubborn the stains become. Wash your car at least once a week and after driving through dirt. Also, consider waxing your car to preserve the paint. Waxing reduces oxidation and gives your car an extra shine.

When it comes to the interior, a handheld car vacuum will be an asset. Also, upholstery cleaners will come in handy. Occasionally remove and clean the mats thoroughly using the handheld vacuum. Avoid spilling drinks like sodas in the interior as these substances can be corrosives.

5. Maintain a Regular Service Schedule

Find a reliable service center and if possible, entrust your car service with a few guys. It is the same thing as having a personal doctor. Make sure the oil and oil filter is changed regularly to expel the abrasive metal and dirt particles from the engine. But primarily, it ensures your engine runs smoothly. Also check the plugs, battery, suspension, wheel alignment, and replace tires as needed.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the tips to help you maintain your car. One thing you need to know is that it is easier to maintain a new car than a used car. But that is not to say that there are no good used cars out there. Selecting a reliable second-hand car dealer is vital when buying.┬áIn the same token, buying a new car doesn’t exempt you from regular maintenance and servicing.


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