The Range Rover Astronaut Edition

The Range Rover Astronaut Edition

Range Rover’s Special Vehicles Operations has announced that it will be offering Virgin Atlantic passengers a special edition Range Rover Astronaut. With the low-orbit flights scheduled to start in 2020, the UK car manufacturer has promised that the Astronaut Edition will be available before the historical flights begin, so it should be in stock late this year (2019) or early next year.

The Range Rover Astronaut will be finished in Zero Gravity Blue. The interior will feature a piece of the Virgin Spaceship Unity vehicle’s landing skid that was in space in December 2018. The skid has been finely cut into two discs and will serve as cupholders. One disc has the story of the premier flight, while the other has the famous quote by Virgin Group founder Richard Branson; ”see you up there,” inscribed on it. These skids will be replaced later on by the exact skids on the vehicle the owner will go to space with. Besides these, the Range will feature several ”DNA of Flight” themed customizations.

Range Rover and Virgin Atlantic are prestigious brands, and both the flight and the Range Astronaut are exuberant. The trip to space will set you back by about $250,000, while the Range Rover Astronaut will cost around half the ticket, to space.


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