Tesla Is the Fastest Selling Used Luxury Car

Tesla Is the Fastest Selling Used Luxury Car

You will agree with us that many people are opting for used cars these days. This is because you can get the vehicle you want without paying for the exorbitant price of a new one. Now, a recent study by Iseecars.com shows that among the long list of the most coveted luxury cars, Tesla models are the fastest selling. On average, owners need 46.9 days to sell their used luxury Teslas. In the research, the company analyzed over 6.1 million used car sales data from April 2018 to March 2019. The cars sold were 2016-2018 models.

The Tesla Model S turned out to be the fastest selling luxury used car in the US market, despite its high price tag even as a second hand car. From the listing day to when each unit advertised was sold, it took only 35.5 days for a used Tesla Model S to find a new owner. The only car that overshadowed the Tesla is the Toyota Prius, which is not a luxury car. It sold after 29.6 days on average.

Well, one might be wondering why there is a spur in used car sales yet in the past, a lot of people were afraid of second-hand cars? Well, the fact that used cars attract a cheaper cost is the leading reason. In addition to that, it is nowadays easier to get the full vehicle history so it is hard to fall for junk.

As for Tesla Model S, the fact that it is an electric car makes it everyone’s dream. EVs have increasingly become popular, and with the Mosel S as a luxury version, you understand why every American wants a piece of the cake!


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