Ford Under Criminal Investigations for Mileage Cheating

Ford Under Criminal Investigations for Mileage Cheating

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Ford yet again, with the new allegations founded on a “mileage cheating device.” The lawsuit filed at the US District Court alleges that the American car manufacturer duped customers about the mileage of the 2019 Ford Ranger compared to its competition.

In the suit filed, Ford is accused of deliberate miscalculation and misrepresentation of the factors and dynamics used in vehicle certification tests. There are also claims that Ford is using a “mileage cheat device.” Basically, whatever is displayed on the 2019’s Ford Ranger dashboard is doctored to influence the tests.

So far, Ford hasn’t released a statement regarding the new allegations on the basis that they’re yet to be served with the complaint. In a previous statement, Ford denied the use of any cheat devices after a company investigation.

This is salt to an already existing wound, considering that Ford is under investigations by the US Justice Department for emissions test violations. In the recent past, we have witnessed several household names including Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Audi on the spot for flouting emission rules, which are now being enforced more than ever.


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