BMW to Release Self-Driving Cars in 2021

BMW to Release Self-Driving Cars in 2021

German automaker BMW has confirmed that it will release its new fleet of Self-Driving Cars in 2021. Codenamed BMW iNext, the Level SUV models will be available for customers by 2021, but as for the Level 4 and Level 5 capabilities, we should expect them as from 2024. This is according to BMW CEO Harald Krueger.

Level 3 self-driving cars can drive autonomously in limited conditions and require human takeover after a few seconds of notification. Level 4 self-driving cars will operate independently under set conditions but require human intervention out of these conditions lest it pulls over. As for the Level 5 cars, these are autonomous and can drive themselves in all conditions without anyone on board.

Reports confirm that there is a joint venture together with Daimler to develop Self-Driving Technology. But it seems BMW is keen on being the first to exploit the new technology. Already, iNext Level 3 tests are being performed around Munich, as well as BMW’s overseas testing sites.

We don’t know much about the BMW iNext, but what we can confirm is that there will be a fleet of 500 cars to be released in 2021. The vehicles will be battery-powered and will have an impressive 400 miles mileage.


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